Company Profile


Tair Jiuh Biotech Co.Ltd was founded in 1982 and the Headquarter is located in Tainan, Taiwan.  As the time passed, TJ Group had accumulated the experiences in the cosmetic area globally. TJ Group has the integrated system for production, supply and marketing, and because of the fully integrated system which has made TJ Group a very competitive position in most fields.

In this 30 years, TJ Group had invested and continuously invest many factories and facilities to meet the global demands in every level of beauty businesses. Currently TJ Group wholly owns 4 GMP & ISO certified factories in China with:

  • 4000+ full time office and factory employees
  • Thousands of injection, filling, spraying, pressing, forming, vacuum and printing machines
  • Mold shops to fulfill all tooling needs
  • R&D Labs
  • Assembly and QC department
  • Facilities to test for Microbiological contents, Stability, Heavy Metal Content and the Stabilities
  • FDA & REACH regulations compliance

With the 30 years world wide experiences in cosmetic field & fully integrated system, we works with all type of customers :

  • High-end & Low-end finished products or packaging
  • Low MOQ to capability of producing millions of products
  • Stock Components to Custom Manufacturing
  • Fast lead-time with tooling, sampling and production if needed
  • Exhibits at many trade show all around the world for meeting convenience